summer pool

Now that I no longer live in Williamsburg, I miss out on the McCarren Pool parties. It was one of those ideas that just was so brilliant it took off and became co-opted in the span of 30 seconds. Being at these shows was a blast the summer before last, and I’m sad to have missed Every Single One this summer. (The free ones are the brain-child of my good friends at Jelly NYC, FYI. It was their idea first, Live Nation!) I take small comfort from the fact that the Times has allowed one of my favorite blogger people, Andrew Kuo (in the blogroll on the right as ‘Emo + Beer = Busted Career‘), to provide his chart-review music events, most recently, on the Pool Parties (and here’s one of Cat Power). I’ve said it before, this guy’s a hipster Edward Tufte. Here’s a part of the chart (click here to see the rest):

summer pool graph

Just imagine if the AAUP delivered a similar chart for the news a few posts down. Suffice it to say, I’m going to begin to push my students to think about different kinds of presentations of data…


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